Trackru API

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API Status Code

Typical Server Responses

We will respond with one of the following status codes.

Meta.codeMeta.type Description
200 Success The request was successful (some API calls may return 201 instead).
201 Created The request was successful and a resource was created.
202 Bad Request The request was successful but exceeding the limit.
401 Unauthorized Authentication failed or user does not have permissions for the requested operation.
4001 Unauthorized Invalid API key. Check
4002 Unauthorized API key has been deleted. Check
4012 Bad Request The request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.
4013 Bad Request Tracking_number is required.
4014 Bad Request The value of `tracking_number` is invalid.
4015 Bad Request The value of `carrier_code` is invalid. Check courier code
4016 Bad Request Tracking already exists.
4017 Bad Request Tracking does not exist.
4018 Bad Request Due to overload risks this feature requires custom activation. Contact [email protected] for more information.
4019 Bad Request Your balance is not enough, please recharge in time, free account can add up to 500 single numbers per month.
4020 Bad Request Up to 200 at a time
4021 Bad Request Your remaining balance is not enough, so you can not call the API request data. Purchase
4031 No Content The request was successful but the response is empty. Please try POST /trackings/post and then GET /trackings/get
4032 No Content Cannot detect courier.Assign your shipment a courier instead of by auto detection. Get courier code
4033 No Content The value of `status` is invalid.
402 Payment Required Payment required.
403 Forbidden Access denied.
404 Not Found Resource was not found.
405 Method Not Allowed Requested method is not supported for the specified resource.
409 Conflict The request could not be completed due to a conflict.
429 Too Many Requests Exceeded API limits. Pause requests, wait two minute, and try again.
500 Server error
503 Service Unavailable The service is temporary unavailable (e.g. scheduled Platform Maintenance). Try again later.