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For example:RV952771548CN

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TrackRu shows the information about the current status and location of your parcel, no matter it is delivered by local postal service or international courier service.

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Just enter your tracking number in the search box, click the "Check Status" button, view the full status information. Your shipments will be saved for quick updates in near real time.

All in one tracking system

It’s easy for you to get the latest and detailed information about any package you have, everything under control!

Frequently asked Questions

I. What is the tracking number and order number?

A tracking number is used to check the delivery status of your shipment. The tracking number is generated after the carrier receives the goods. You can track your package by using a tracking number on our site or on the courier's official website.

The order number is the number generated by the online shop after placing an order, this number contains information about the goods.

II. Is it possible to track the parcel by the order number?

By order number, you can not track your order. The order number is created for the convenience of shop seller and for solving technical problems. Tracking the package with tracking number or identifier issued by the carrier.

III. How to get my tracking number?

1. You can directly ask the seller or the shipper for the tracking number. 2. Usually they will send you an email with a tracking number after sending out goods, In this case, please check your mailbox. 3. You can also find your tracking number on the order page of the e-commerce platform.

IV. How to track my package?

No matter your package or shipment shipped by which express company, you only need to enter the tracking number in the search box on our website and click the "Check Status" button. The status information of your package will be displayed in a few seconds.

V. Package Tracking Methods

1. The universal professional parcel tracking service - TrackRu. It covers the vast majority of courier service worldwide, support tracking not only domestic, but also international parcels and post, all kinds of parcel and post tracking can be implemented in one click on one site.

2. The official website, the parcel can be tracked on the official website of the postal service, enter the tracking number on the page of the relevant company to get information about the status of the parcel.

VI. what should I do, when nothing found on the result page?

If there is no information about the status of your parcel, maybe your parcel has not been accepted by the carrier yet, the information will appear soon. Please try tracking later.

If you have been waiting for a long time, please go to the post office and ask about the status of the package. Perhaps the package has arrived at the post office and waiting for you. If no answer is received, please contact the seller and raise a dispute.

VII. How to contact the carrier?

If you have any questions about the status of the package or other questions, the carrier's contact information can be found on the relevant page. Click on the carrier's link to access its official website, you can also submit questions in our Q&A section, or read others' feedback, you will get more details.

VIII. Parcel delivery time from China

The parcel or post delivery time from China varies from 7 to 60 days. The delivery time of the package or postal items, mainly depends on the courier and customs. For AliExpress Standard Shipping, delivery time from China is approximately 20-45 days (in each case differently) from the moment of sending.